About Nyati Safari Camp | Explore the Camp

Nyati is a Budget Friendly accommodation, overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, right by Kimana gate, in Amboseli National Park, here you get bush like setting with friendly service & Comfort. Nyati Safari Camp is an affordable and a friendly choice.

Here you can rest in our spacious tents and stone rooms, and enjoy our tasty meals in our restaurant with a generous view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Nyati Safari Camp is your ultimate gateway for wildlife and nature adventures in Amboseli National Park. Readmore

Why choose Nyati Safari Camp

  • Budget Friendly: We ensure that the prices are competitive and affordable to suit all our visitors for all their camping needs.
  • Suitable for groups: Our camps accommodate all types of bookings, ages, small and large organised groups.
  • Exceptional Service: We have a team of experienced professionals in all sectors of the camp who give excellent services

About Nyati Safari Camp | Explore the Camp

Nyati Safari Camp offers budget friendly camping of high quality accommodation in traditional African style, located in Amboseli National Park.

We offer you the most ultimate accommodation plus Safari Experience while staying.

A combination of uniquely built facilities and an outstanding service. Our camp is situated in the most prominent parts of the protected areas and are undoubtedly the best base for exploration of the national park. Readmore